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Throughout the years, these systems and components have been identified in various ways. By 1993, most manufacturers had complied with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommended practice J1930. The J1930 standard was adopted into government regulations and requires certain electrical and electronic components and systems to be known by the same name if they have the same function. The following is a list of some common ignition related terms:

Old Term
New Term
Camshaft Position Sensor
CMP Sensor
CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition)
Distributor Ignition (DI)
CKP (Crankshaft Position) Sensor
CKP or CKP Sensor
Computer Controlled Coil Ignition (C³I)
Electronic Ignition (EI)
Crankshaft Speed Sensor
RPM Sensor
Cylinder ID (identification) Sensor
Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor
Direct Ignition System (DIS)
Electronic Ignition (EI) System
DIS (Distributorless Ignition System) Module
Ignition Control Module (ICM)
Distributorless Ignition System (DIS)
Electronic Ignition (EI) System
DLI (Distributorless Ignition)
Electronic Ignition (EI)
DS (Detonation Sensor)
Knock Sensor (KS)
EDIS (Electronic Distributor Ignition System)
Distributor Ignition (DI) System
EDIS (Electronic Distributor Ignition System) Module
Distributor Ignition Control Module (Distributor ICM)
EDIS (Electronic Distributorless Ignition System)
Electronic Ignition (EI) System
Electronic Spark Advance
Ignition Control (IC)
Electronic Spark Timing
Ignition Control (IC)
Electronic Spark Timing (EST)
Ignition Control (IC)
GRD (Ground)
Ground (GND)
High Energy Ignition (HEI)
Distributor Ignition (DI)
IDI (Integrated Direct Ignition)
Electronic Ignition (EI)
Ignition Control
Ignition Control Module
TFI (Thick Film Ignition)
Distributor Ignition (DI)
TFI (Thick Film Ignition) Module
Ignition Control Module (ICM)


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