User Comments & Testimonials


User Comments & Testimonial

The following are the results of an independent survey of forty (40) retail automotive parts stores during a period of six months who used an ignition module tester:


As a Selling Aid:
  • Helps get customers into the store.
  • Excellent sales tool
  • Pulls customers from competition
  • Increases sales
For Customer Service:
  • Essential (tool) for Customer Service
  • A problem solver: stops part swapping
  • Provides a more professional feeling for the customer: increases confidence
About Efficiency:
  • Works good, and simple to use
  • Minimizes employee time
For Cost Savings:
  • Minimizes returns
  • An asset to the company
  • Paid for itself in the first year
General Comments:
  • Best thing we ever did!
  • Need more! (testers)
  • All stores should have them.
  • It benefits everyone!
  • Great idea!
From that same survey, these facts were also discovered:
  • On average, there are about 13 modules tested per week.
  • 49.5% of customer modules tested "Good"
  • Only 58% of modules were tested before the sale.
  • 93% stated that they encourage their customers to bring in their modules into their store for testing.
  • 92% responded that when a module tested "Good", another part was sold to solve the problem.
Have you been using the EIM Tester or the DIS Tester for some time? Please let us know your experiences since you started using the tester. Send your comments to