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Return On Investment Calculator

The following provides a quick calculator to help you determine how quickly you can recuperate the cost of the DIS Tester and how much time and money you can save by offering this service. Let the DIS Tester help your bottom line!

To calculate your business' ROI:

1. Fill in all boxed questions.
2. Press the CALCULATE button.
3. Read the results.
Module Sales & Return Before DIS Tester
 Quantity of Modules Sold Per Week
  Conventional/Electronic Ignition Modules (EIM)

  Distributorless (DIS) Modules

 Quantity of modules Returned Per Week
  Conventional/Electronic Ignition Modules (EIM)

  Distributorless (DIS) MOdules

Return Reduction After DIS Tester*

Module Sales Increase After Tester
 EIM Increase Per Week*

 DIS Increase Per Week*

Module Average Retail Price/Cost
 EIM Average Retail Price

 EIM Average Cost

 DIS Average Retail Price

 DIS Average Cost

Labor Cost for Processing Returned Modules
 Total Time Required to Process Returned Item (in minutes)*

 Average Personnel Hourly Rate Including Benefits**

 Total Processing Return Cost Per Module

DIS Tester Acquisition Costs
 Price Paid For DIS Tester

 Price Paid For DIS Tester Options (e.g., printer, EIM Kit, etc.)

 Module Manufacturer Support (cash or free goods)***

 Total Tester Costs

Recover Rate Analysis
 Net Module Sales Without DIS Tester


 Net Module Sales With DIS Tester


 Amount Saved Per Month on Returned Modules With DIS Tester

 Returned Labor Saved Per Month With DIS Tester

 Margin Sales Increase Per Month with DIS Tester

Amount of Time To Recover DIS Tester
 Recover Rate Based On Return Reduction Only

 Recover Rate Based On Return Reduction &
 Increased Sales Margin


NOTE: This form only provides estimated calculations based on the information you provide and historical data obtained from several studies conducted by the manufacturer. It is only intended to provide you a preliminary indication on how the DIS Tester can assist your business control module returns and how it can improve your margin. The calculated results do not provide a true account on how the tester will perform for your business. Actual results will vary from business to business.



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