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Using The DIS Tester

The DIS Tester functions like a computer - everything happens internally. There is very little a user has to do to test an ignition module. All it takes is a simple 3-step process to quickly identify whether an ignition module is good or bad.


STEP 1: Set-Up
A flashing green LED indicates that the tester is ready. Set up module by: a) Matching ignition module with map; b) Find the corresponding cable and connect all cable ends; c) Ground ignition module when indicated; and d) Securely connect assembled cable to DIS Tester.

Step 1


STEP 2: Start
A second flashing green LED shows the module was recognized and is ready for testing. Push the START button to begin the test.

Step 2


STEP 3: Test Results
Wait a few moments and read LED test results - PASS or FAIL

Step 3



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