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Available Options

  • Stand Alone Hard Copy Printer
    Thermal Printer:
    Seiko Model # DPU-414-30B
    Power Supply:
    12V Power Supply / AC Adapter
    Serial (Null Modem) Printer Cable
    The added printer allows the counter person or technician to print the test results on Seiko 3" thermal paper rolls. The printer provides PASS / FAIL results for each of the following DIS module function parameters:

    Module Functions Tested

    Leakage Current

    EST Pull-Down

    Break Current - Coil #1

    Peak Voltage - Coil #1

    Break Current - Coil #2

    Peak Voltage - Coil #2

    Break Current - Coil #3

    Peak Voltage - Coil #3

    Break Current - Coil #4

    Peak Voltage - Coil #4

    Current Limit

    Crank RPM

    Firing Order

    Low RPM

    Firing Time (By-Pass Mode)

    Optimum RPM

    Firing Time (EST Mode)

    Idle RPM

    Dwell - Crank RPM

    High RPM

    Dwell - Optimum RPM

    Tach Output

    Dwell - Idle RPM

    Reference Outputs

    Dwell - High RPM

    Reference Volt

    Whether the test result shows a PASS or FAIL , each printout provides test recommendations you can discuss with your customer to help solve their problem. This means that the tester has the ability to help you generate new business!

  • Counter Module Map (18" x 13.5")
    Larger scale of the map included with the DIS Tester. Allows for quicker reference for the counterperson and acts as a point of purchase display.

  • EIM Cable Kit
    You can also expand your DIS Tester to cover nearly all conventional ignition modules for GM, Ford, Chrysler, European and Asian vehicles with an optional EIM Cable Kit. This means that no matter what module gets brought to your store/shop, you will be able to test nearly all conventional and DIS modules! The kit includes 21 custom molded dedicated cables, 3 universal cables and a storage case. The included blue module map is used with these cables.

    DIS with EIM Cable Kit

    EIM Module Map
    Thumbnail image displayed. View more detail.


    If you currently own the Electronic Ignition Module (EIM) Tester (i.e., red tabletop tester), you can use your existing "red" cables with included DIS-to-EIM (blue/red) adapter cable and blue/red module map. A rebate program may also be available from your previous EIM Tester reseller for your current unit. Please contact them directly or send your questions on available rebate programs to UPGRADE@DIStester.com.

    For sales information on these options, follow this link.



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