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Product Overview

DIS with EIM Cable Kit

The Hi-Tech, Foolproof Approach

Distributorless (DIS) modules look the same whether they are good or bad! Until now, a simple and quick test was not possible. Unnecessary sales of DIS modules create high, non-defective return rate, (typically ranging between 9% to 15%) with an average selling price of over $200.00!

The DIS Tester is a professional, countertop, off-vehicle tester. It is designed to test nearly 100% of OEM and aftermarket automotive DIS and electronic ignition modules (EIM) and determine whether they are good or bad within seconds. It is intended for use by auto parts stores that sell ignition modules and related ignition parts, auto repair shops that replace modules, or any business that processes returned modules.

As vehicle electronics and engine management systems evolve to a higher level of sophistication, it is important to have a tool that will adapt to the design and specification changes that will occur... and do it in a simple and efficient manner. The DIS Tester is a computer. It's software driven and can be upgraded for future expanded applications and functions by simply replacing the software cartridge and adding new cables.

A Great Marketing Tool!
Use free testing as a promotional tool instead of price reductions on modules.

A Great Sales Tool!
Beat the competition by attracting new customers into your store. Helps to stimulate additional ignition part sales.

A Great Motivational Tool!
Increase store personnel's confidence in the ignition parts category.

A Great Customer Satisfaction Tool!
Saves your customers time and money while increasing store credibility.

A Sound Financial Investment!
The tester pays for itself in a few months by saving counter personnel time, reducing defective returns (the sale is final... the margin is kept) and increasing module sales through promotions.

Customer Testimonials

Hi-Quality Development Standards

UL ListedOver $2 million was invested in the development of the DIS Tester using the highest quality standards. These standards include following ISO 9001 and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) circuitry standards. To ensure that the tester provides nearly 100% accuracy, data was used from OEM and aftermarket module manufacturers to develop an integrated software program that will catch the majority of problems caused in modules. In addition, the unit was tested and approved by ASE Certified technicians at various independent repair shops.



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